Kristofer Hivju



Place of birth:

Oslo, Norway:


Kristofer Hivju is a Norwegian actor, producer and screenwriter who has experience in theater, television, radio and film. He is the son of actor Erik Hivju. Hivju has had roles in television series such as Fox Grønland and Seks som oss, the movie Rovdyr and written scripts for short films Closework in 2005 and Flax from 2008. He completed in 2004 a four-year degree in theater arts at the Russian State Academy of Theatre Art (GITIS) in Denmark.


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Beck 38 – Djävulens advokat (2018)
as Steinar Hovland
Beck 37 - Utan uppsåt (2018)
as Steinar Hovland
Beck 36 - Den Tunna Isen (2018)
as Steinar Hovland
Beck 35 - Ditt eget blod (2018)
as Steinar Hovland
The Fate of the Furious (2017)
as Connor Rhodes
Beck 34 - Sista dagen (2016)
as Steinar Hovland
Beck 33 - Vägs ände (2016)
as Steinar Hovland
Birkebeinerne (2016)
as Torstein
Beck 32 - Steinar (2016)
as Steinar Hovland
Wendyeffekten (2015)
as Percy
Operasjon Arktis (2014)
as Fangstmann
Turist (2014)
as Mats
Kraftidioten (2014)
as Strike
After Earth (2013)
as Security Chief
The Thing (2011)
as Jonas
Flax (2008)
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as Victim
Downhill ()