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They trained him to kill for their pleasure ... but they trained him a little too well

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Spartacus (1960)


The rebellious Thracian Spartacus, born and raised a slave, is sold to Gladiator trainer Batiatus. After weeks of being trained to kill for the arena, Spartacus turns on his owners and leads the other slaves in rebellion. As the rebels move from town to town, their numbers swell as escaped slaves join their ranks. Under the leadership of Spartacus, they make their way to southern Italy, where they will cross the sea and return to their homes.

Director: Stanley Kubrick
Writers: Dalton Trumbo, Peter Ustinov.


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Spartacus Review

Adele Germany

Beste filme 2014, Netter Film.

Dedrick Germany

Die Geschichte des Films ist sehr interessant, war ich in der glücklichen Lage, es zu sehen sein.

Sem Netherlands

Goede film, zal ik weer kijken ..

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Kirk Douglas - Spartacus Kirk Douglas
as Spartacus
Laurence Olivier - Spartacus Laurence Olivier
as Marcus Licinius Crassus
Jean Simmons - Spartacus Jean Simmons
as Varinia
Charles Laughton - Spartacus Charles Laughton
as Sempronius Gracchus
Peter Ustinov - Spartacus Peter Ustinov
as Lentulus Batiatus
John Gavin - Spartacus John Gavin
as Julius Caesar
Nina Foch - Spartacus Nina Foch
as Helena Glabrus
John Ireland - Spartacus John Ireland
as Crixus
Herbert Lom - Spartacus Herbert Lom
as Tigranes Levantus
John Dall - Spartacus John Dall
as Marcus Publius Glabrus
Woody Strode - Spartacus Woody Strode
as Draba
Harold J. Stone - Spartacus Harold J. Stone
as David
Charles McGraw - Spartacus Charles McGraw
as Marcellus
Joanna Barnes - Spartacus Joanna Barnes
as Claudia Marius
Peter Brocco - Spartacus Peter Brocco
as Ramon
Paul Lambert - Spartacus Paul Lambert
as Gannicus
Robert J. Wilke - Spartacus Robert J. Wilke
as Guard captain
Nick Dennis - Spartacus Nick Dennis
as Dionysius
John Hoyt - Spartacus John Hoyt
as Caius
Frederick Worlock - Spartacus Frederick Worlock
as Laelius
Tony Curtis - Spartacus Tony Curtis
as Antoninus
Paul Baxley - Spartacus Paul Baxley
as Gladiator (uncredited)
Louie Elias - Spartacus Louie Elias
as Gladiator (uncredited)
Brad Harris - Spartacus Brad Harris
as Gladiator (uncredited)
Hubie Kerns - Spartacus Hubie Kerns
as Gladiator (uncredited)
Gordon Mitchell - Spartacus Gordon Mitchell
as Gladiator (uncredited)
Regis Parton - Spartacus Regis Parton
as Gladiator (uncredited)
Victor Paul - Spartacus Victor Paul
as Gladiator (uncredited)
Jack Perkins - Spartacus Jack Perkins
as Gladiator (uncredited)
Wally Rose - Spartacus Wally Rose
as Gladiator (uncredited)
Aaron Saxon - Spartacus Aaron Saxon
as Gladiator (uncredited)
Tom Steele - Spartacus Tom Steele
as Gladiator (uncredited)
Jerry Summers - Spartacus Jerry Summers
as Gladiator (uncredited)
Shari Lee Bernath - Spartacus Shari Lee Bernath
as Little Girl (uncredited)
Bill Blackburn - Spartacus Bill Blackburn
as Prisoner (uncredited)
David Bond - Spartacus David Bond
as Slave (uncredited)
Polly Burson - Spartacus Polly Burson
as Slave (uncredited)
Carol Daniels - Spartacus Carol Daniels
as Slave Girl (uncredited)
Lila Finn - Spartacus Lila Finn
as Slave (uncredited)
Harold Goodwin - Spartacus Harold Goodwin
as Slave (uncredited)
Sol Gorss - Spartacus Sol Gorss
as Slave Leader (uncredited)
Betty Harford - Spartacus Betty Harford
as Slave (uncredited)
Harry Harvey Jr. - Spartacus Harry Harvey Jr.
as Slave (uncredited)
Wayne Heffley - Spartacus Wayne Heffley
as Slave Guard (uncredited)
Lars Hensen - Spartacus Lars Hensen
as Slave (uncredited)
Charles Horvath - Spartacus Charles Horvath
as Slave Leader (uncredited)
Shep Houghton - Spartacus Shep Houghton
as Slave (uncredited)
Pete Kellett - Spartacus Pete Kellett
as Slave (uncredited)
Joan McKellen - Spartacus Joan McKellen
as Slave (uncredited)
Eddie Parker - Spartacus Eddie Parker
as Slave (uncredited)
Gil Perkins - Spartacus Gil Perkins
as Slave Leader (uncredited)
Chuck Roberson - Spartacus Chuck Roberson
as Slave (uncredited)
Frosty Royce - Spartacus Frosty Royce
as Slave (uncredited)
Autumn Russell - Spartacus Autumn Russell
as Slave Girl (uncredited)
Kay Stewart - Spartacus Kay Stewart
as Slave (uncredited)
Kay Stewart - Spartacus Kay Stewart
as Slave Girl (uncredited)
Helen Thurston - Spartacus Helen Thurston
as Slave (uncredited)
Louise Vincent - Spartacus Louise Vincent
as Slave at Gracchus' Home (uncredited)
Joe Canutt - Spartacus Joe Canutt
as Soldier (uncredited)
Bill Catching - Spartacus Bill Catching
as Soldier (uncredited)
Chuck Courtney - Spartacus Chuck Courtney
as Soldier (uncredited)
Chuck Hayward - Spartacus Chuck Hayward
as Soldier (uncredited)
Robert F. Hoy - Spartacus Robert F. Hoy
as Soldier (uncredited)
Valley Keene - Spartacus Valley Keene
as Soldier (uncredited)
George Kennedy - Spartacus George Kennedy
as Rebel Soldier (uncredited)
Cliff Lyons - Spartacus Cliff Lyons
as Soldier (uncredited)
Bill Raisch - Spartacus Bill Raisch
as Soldier Whose Arm is Hacked Off (uncredited)
Buddy Van Horn - Spartacus Buddy Van Horn
as Soldier (uncredited)
Jack Williams - Spartacus Jack Williams
as Soldier (uncredited)
Paul E. Burns - Spartacus Paul E. Burns
as Fimbria (uncredited)
Wayne Burson - Spartacus Wayne Burson
as Guard (uncredited)
Dick Crockett - Spartacus Dick Crockett
as Guard (uncredited)
John Daheim - Spartacus John Daheim
as Capua Guard (uncredited)
Carey Loftin - Spartacus Carey Loftin
as Guard (uncredited)
Harvey Parry - Spartacus Harvey Parry
as Guard (uncredited)
Ronnie Rondell Jr. - Spartacus Ronnie Rondell Jr.
as Guard (uncredited)
Don Turner - Spartacus Don Turner
as Guard (uncredited)
Peter Virgo - Spartacus Peter Virgo
as Guard (uncredited)
Fred Zendar - Spartacus Fred Zendar
as Guard (uncredited)
Ted de Corsia - Spartacus Ted de Corsia
as Legionnaire (uncredited)
Terence de Marney - Spartacus Terence de Marney
as Majordomo (uncredited)
Johnny Duncan - Spartacus Johnny Duncan
as Beheaded Man (uncredited)
Roy Engel - Spartacus Roy Engel
as Roman Businessman (uncredited)
Paul Keast - Spartacus Paul Keast
as Roman Businessman (uncredited)
Kenner G. Kemp - Spartacus Kenner G. Kemp
as Roman Senator (uncredited)
Paul Kruger - Spartacus Paul Kruger
as Roman Senator (uncredited)
Otto Malde - Spartacus Otto Malde
as Roman General (uncredited)
Scott Seaton - Spartacus Scott Seaton
as Roman Senator (uncredited)
Richard Farnsworth - Spartacus Richard Farnsworth
as Salt Mine Slave / Gladiator / Slave General (uncredited)
Logan Field - Spartacus Logan Field
as Centurion (uncredited)
John Stephenson - Spartacus John Stephenson
as Centurion (uncredited)
Robert Fuller - Spartacus Robert Fuller
as Extra (uncredited)
Jeanne Gerson - Spartacus Jeanne Gerson
as Woman Selling Chestnuts (uncredited)
Seamon Glass - Spartacus Seamon Glass
as Pirate (uncredited)
Preston Peterson - Spartacus Preston Peterson
as Pirate (uncredited)
George Robotham - Spartacus George Robotham
as Pirate (uncredited)
James Griffith - Spartacus James Griffith
as Otho (uncredited)
Jack Grinnage - Spartacus Jack Grinnage
as Petitioner (uncredited)
Anthony Jochim - Spartacus Anthony Jochim
as Petitioner (uncredited)
Joe Haworth - Spartacus Joe Haworth
as Marius (uncredited)
Vinton Hayworth - Spartacus Vinton Hayworth
as Metallius (uncredited)
Loren Janes - Spartacus Loren Janes
as Salt Mine Slave / Gladiator / Slave General (uncredited)
Jil Jarmyn - Spartacus Jil Jarmyn
as Julia (uncredited)
Aron Kincaid - Spartacus Aron Kincaid
as Crassus' Standard-Bearer (uncredited)
Dayton Lummis - Spartacus Dayton Lummis
as Symmachus (uncredited)
Bob Morgan - Spartacus Bob Morgan
as Galeno (uncredited)
Tracy Olsen - Spartacus Tracy Olsen
as Girl (uncredited)
Leonard Penn - Spartacus Leonard Penn
as Garrison Officer (uncredited)
Vic Perrin - Spartacus Vic Perrin
as Narrator (voice) (uncredited)
Larry Thor - Spartacus Larry Thor
as Staff Officer (uncredited)
Dale Van Sickel - Spartacus Dale Van Sickel
as Trainer (uncredited)
Carleton Young - Spartacus Carleton Young
as Herald (uncredited)
Duke Fishman - Spartacus Duke Fishman
as Roman Senator (uncredited)
Robert Stevenson - Spartacus Robert Stevenson
as Legionnaire (uncredited)
John Barton - Spartacus John Barton
as Slave (uncredited)
Jerry Brown - Spartacus Jerry Brown
as Soldier (uncredited)
John Benson - Spartacus John Benson
as Guard (uncredited)


Directing Stanley Kubrick Director
Writing Howard Fast Novel
Writing Dalton Trumbo Screenplay
Production James C. Katz Producer
Production Edward Lewis Producer
Production Kirk Douglas Executive Producer
Sound Alex North Original Music Composer
Camera Russell Metty Director of Photography
Editing Robert Lawrence Editor
Art Alexander Golitzen Production Design
Art Eric Orbom Art Direction
Art Russell A. Gausman Set Decoration
Art Julia Heron Set Decoration
Costume & Make-Up Bill Thomas Costume Design
Costume & Make-Up Valles Costume Design
Costume & Make-Up Larry Germain Hairstylist
Costume & Make-Up Bud Westmore Makeup Artist
Sound Ronald Pierce Sound Designer
Sound Murray Spivack Sound Designer
Sound Waldon O. Watson Sound Designer
Crew Yakima Canutt Second Unit
Crew Wah Chang Special Effects
Crew Saul Bass Visual Effects Design Consultant
Crew Preston Peterson Stunts
Crew Yakima Canutt Stunts Coordinator
Sound Joe Lapis Sound
Camera Bob Rose Grip
Sound Frank E. Warner Sound Effects Editor
Crew Don Turner Stunts
Sound Joseph Gershenson Music Supervisor
Crew John Epper Stunts
Crew Jerry Brown Stunts
Crew Jack Williams Stunts
Camera Clifford Stine Additional Photography
Writing Peter Ustinov Screenplay
Writing Calder Willingham Scenario Writer
Editing Irving Lerner Editor
Art Roger K. Furse Production Design
Production Norman Deming Unit Production Manager
Production Eduardo García Maroto Unit Production Manager
Production Tadeo Villalba Unit Manager
Directing Marshall Green Assistant Director
Crew Don Sahlin Special Effects
Crew Tap Canutt Stunts