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26 Directors, 26 Ways to Die.

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The ABCs of Death (2013)


An ambitious anthology film featuring segments directed by over two dozen of the world's leading talents in contemporary genre film. Inspired by children's educational ABC books, the motion picture is comprised of 26 individual chapters, each helmed by a different director assigned a letter of the alphabet. The directors were then given free reign in choosing a word to create a story involving death. Provocative, shocking, funny and ultimately confrontational; THE ABC's OF DEATH is the definitive snapshot of the diversity of modern horror.

Directors: Angela Bettis, Hélène Cattet, Ernesto Díaz Espinoza, Jason Eisener, Bruno Forzani, Adrián García Bogliano, Xavier Gens, Noboru Iguchi, Thomas Cappelen Malling, Jorge Michel Grau, Yoshihiro Nishimura, Banjong Pisanthanakun, Simon Rumley, Marcel Sarmiento, Jon Schnepp, Srđan Spasojević, Timo Tjahjanto, Andrew Traucki, Nacho Vigalondo, Jake West, Ti West, Ben Wheatley, Adam Wingard, Yudai Yamaguchi, Lee Hardcastle, Anders Morgenthaler, Kaare Andrews.


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The ABCs of Death Review

Adele Germany

This is best movies of all time ..

Pierre France

Nice movies, tanks

Anthony United States

This movie is very good indeed, is the best movie I guess !!

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Ingrid Bolsø Berdal - The ABCs of Death Ingrid Bolsø Berdal
as Frau Scheisse (voice)
Erik Audé - The ABCs of Death Erik Audé
as Fighter
Iván González - The ABCs of Death Iván González
as Bobo
Kyra Zagorsky - The ABCs of Death Kyra Zagorsky
as Lainey
Peter Pedrero - The ABCs of Death Peter Pedrero
as Hooded Man
Dallas Malloy - The ABCs of Death Dallas Malloy
Lee Hardcastle - The ABCs of Death Lee Hardcastle
as Dad
Lucy Clements - The ABCs of Death Lucy Clements
as Lulu
Darenzia - The ABCs of Death Darenzia
as Roxanne
Arisa Nakamura - The ABCs of Death Arisa Nakamura
as Yoshie
Matías Oviedo - The ABCs of Death Matías Oviedo
Chems Dahmani - The ABCs of Death Chems Dahmani
as A Bad Guy
Takashi Nishina - The ABCs of Death Takashi Nishina
as Executioner
Hiroko Yashiki - The ABCs of Death Hiroko Yashiki
as Female Detective
Demo Tanaka - The ABCs of Death Demo Tanaka
as Salaryman 4
Fraser Corbett - The ABCs of Death Fraser Corbett
as Nezbit
Miguel Insua - The ABCs of Death Miguel Insua
as Man
Sarah Bonrepaux - The ABCs of Death Sarah Bonrepaux
Je$$ica - The ABCs of Death Je$$ica
as Rice Woman
Arata Yamanaka - The ABCs of Death Arata Yamanaka
as Government Spokesman
Eva Llorach - The ABCs of Death Eva Llorach
as Woman
Greg De Cuir - The ABCs of Death Greg De Cuir
as Male Nurse
Seminosuke Murasugi - The ABCs of Death Seminosuke Murasugi
as Dr. Strangeluv
Hozake Yamada - The ABCs of Death Hozake Yamada
as High School Girl A
Xavier Magot - The ABCs of Death Xavier Magot
as Le tueur
Yoshio Komatsu - The ABCs of Death Yoshio Komatsu
as Man Shot in Head 1
Manon Beuchot - The ABCs of Death Manon Beuchot
as La femme
Joshua Diolosa - The ABCs of Death Joshua Diolosa
as Match's Buddy
Honoka Murakami - The ABCs of Death Honoka Murakami
as High School Girl B
Kurumi Ochiai - The ABCs of Death Kurumi Ochiai
as Sazae-san
Sadashi Matsubayashi - The ABCs of Death Sadashi Matsubayashi
as Man Shot in Head 2
Katsuyuki Miyake - The ABCs of Death Katsuyuki Miyake
as Salaryman 3
Tomomi Sugai - The ABCs of Death Tomomi Sugai
as High School Girl C
Atsushi Hiroki - The ABCs of Death Atsushi Hiroki
as Man Shot in Head 3
Match - The ABCs of Death Match
as Mastectomy
Kim Richardson - The ABCs of Death Kim Richardson
as Mum
Johanna Katharina Riebesam - The ABCs of Death Johanna Katharina Riebesam
as Amber
Jon Øigarden - The ABCs of Death Jon Øigarden
as Bertie the Bulldog (voice)
Juanita Ringeling - The ABCs of Death Juanita Ringeling
as Alicia
Gary M. Iskak - The ABCs of Death Gary M. Iskak
as Stage 12 Man
Epy Kusnandar - The ABCs of Death Epy Kusnandar
as Stage 13 Man
Kelly Tandiono - The ABCs of Death Kelly Tandiono
as Eyes


Directing Angela Bettis Director
Directing Hélène Cattet Director
Directing Ernesto Díaz Espinoza Director
Directing Jason Eisener Director
Directing Bruno Forzani Director
Directing Adrián García Bogliano Director
Directing Xavier Gens Director
Directing Noboru Iguchi Director
Directing Thomas Cappelen Malling Director
Directing Jorge Michel Grau Director
Directing Yoshihiro Nishimura Director
Directing Banjong Pisanthanakun Director
Directing Simon Rumley Director
Directing Marcel Sarmiento Director
Directing Jon Schnepp Director
Directing Srđan Spasojević Director
Directing Timo Tjahjanto Director
Directing Andrew Traucki Director
Directing Nacho Vigalondo Director
Directing Jake West Director
Directing Ti West Director
Directing Ben Wheatley Director
Directing Adam Wingard Director
Directing Yudai Yamaguchi Director
Directing Lee Hardcastle Director
Writing Kaare Andrews Writer
Writing Simon Barrett Writer
Writing Hélène Cattet Writer
Writing Bruno Forzani Writer
Writing Adrián García Bogliano Writer
Writing Lee Hardcastle Writer
Writing Noboru Iguchi Writer
Writing Yoshihiro Nishimura Writer
Writing Simon Rumley Writer
Writing Jon Schnepp Writer
Writing Srđan Spasojević Writer
Writing Nacho Vigalondo Writer
Writing Jake West Writer
Writing Ti West Writer
Writing Yudai Yamaguchi Writer
Production Simon Boswell Producer
Production Rob Cotterill Producer
Production Nahikari Ipina Producer
Production Claire Jones Producer
Production Julie Lind-Holm Producer
Production Petter Lindblad Producer
Production Camila Mendez Producer
Production Douglas Nabors Producer
Production Yoshihiro Nishimura Producer
Production Francis O'Toole Producer
Production Andrea Quiroz Hérnandez Producer
Production Chris Sergi Producer
Production Andrew Starke Producer
Production Lino P. Stavole Producer
Production Christopher White Producer
Directing Anders Morgenthaler Director
Directing Kaare Andrews Director
Production Ant Timpson Producer