Watch Boogeyman II

Watch Boogeyman II

Boogeyman II (1983)


Part two takes place in Hollywood, where survivor Lacey is staying with friends to recover from her trauma. Through long and extremely detailed flashbacks, Lacey tells the story about the murderous spirit in the little piece of mirror to befriended actress and her husband director (played by Ulli Lommel himself, with his atrocious German accent). Naturally they want to exploit Lacey's bizarre thriller story and turn it into a horror movie, but then the Boogeyman returns to kill them all during a typical Hollywood pool party. "Boogeyman II" is 50 minutes of stock footage and 25 minutes of non-stop new murders.

Directors: Bruce Starr, Ulli Lommel.


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Boogeyman II Review

Anthony United States

This movie is very good indeed, is the best movie I guess !!

Lawrence02 Australia

Great movie to watch, thanks :)

Samuell United States

I dont get tired of watching this movie.

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Suzanna Love - Boogeyman II Suzanna Love
as Lacey
Ulli Lommel - Boogeyman II Ulli Lommel
as Mickey Lombard
Shannah Hall - Boogeyman II Shannah Hall
as Bonnie Lombard
Shoto von Douglas - Boogeyman II Shoto von Douglas
as Joseph
Bob Rosenfarb - Boogeyman II Bob Rosenfarb
as Bernie
Rhonda Aldrich - Boogeyman II Rhonda Aldrich
as Cynthia
Sarah Jean Watkins - Boogeyman II Sarah Jean Watkins
as Kathy
Rock Mackenzie - Boogeyman II Rock Mackenzie
as Jim
John Carradine - Boogeyman II John Carradine
as Dr. Warren (archive footage)
Leslie Smith - Boogeyman II Leslie Smith
as Sally, Miss Arizona 1979


Directing Bruce Starr Director
Directing Ulli Lommel Director
Writing Ulli Lommel Writer
Writing Suzanna Love Writer
Writing Bruce Pearn Writer