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The Mighty Warriors Who Became the Seven National Heroes of a Small Town

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Seven Samurai (1954)


A samurai answers a village's request for protection after he falls on hard times. The town needs protection from bandits, so the samurai gathers six others to help him teach the people how to defend themselves, and the villagers provide the soldiers with food. A giant battle occurs when 40 bandits attack the village.

Director: Akira Kurosawa
Writers: Shinobu Hashimoto, Hideo Oguni, Akira Kurosawa.


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Seven Samurai Review

Lawrence02 Australia

Great movie to watch, thanks :)

Lucas Netherlands

This is the best movie I've ever seen ..

Adam France

Histoire intéressante, le meilleur Film ..

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Toshirō Mifune - Seven Samurai Toshirō Mifune
as Kikuchiyo
Takashi Shimura - Seven Samurai Takashi Shimura
as Kambei Shimada
Yoshio Inaba - Seven Samurai Yoshio Inaba
as Gorobei Katayama
Seiji Miyaguchi - Seven Samurai Seiji Miyaguchi
as Kyuzo
Minoru Chiaki - Seven Samurai Minoru Chiaki
as Heihachi Hayashida
Daisuke Katô - Seven Samurai Daisuke Katô
as Shichiroji
Isao Kimura - Seven Samurai Isao Kimura
as Katsushiro Okamoto
Keiko Tsushima - Seven Samurai Keiko Tsushima
as Shino
Yukiko Shimazaki - Seven Samurai Yukiko Shimazaki
as Rikichi's Wife
Kamatari Fujiwara - Seven Samurai Kamatari Fujiwara
as Manzô - Father of Shino
Yoshio Kosugi - Seven Samurai Yoshio Kosugi
as Mosuke
Bokuzen Hidari - Seven Samurai Bokuzen Hidari
as Yohei
Yoshio Tsuchiya - Seven Samurai Yoshio Tsuchiya
as Rikichi
Kokuten Kôdô - Seven Samurai Kokuten Kôdô
as Gisaku, the Old Man
Eijirō Tōno - Seven Samurai Eijirō Tōno
as Kidnapper
Jun Tatara - Seven Samurai Jun Tatara
as Coolie A
Atsushi Watanabe - Seven Samurai Atsushi Watanabe
as Bun Seller
Toranosuke Ogawa - Seven Samurai Toranosuke Ogawa
as Grandfather of Kidnapped Girl
Isao Yamagata - Seven Samurai Isao Yamagata
as Samurai
Kichijirô Ueda - Seven Samurai Kichijirô Ueda
as Bandit Scout
Sôjin Kamiyama - Seven Samurai Sôjin Kamiyama
as Blind Player
Gen Shimizu - Seven Samurai Gen Shimizu
as Samurai Who Kicks Farmers
Keiji Sakakida - Seven Samurai Keiji Sakakida
as Gosaku
Shinpei Takagi - Seven Samurai Shinpei Takagi
as Bandit Chieftain
Shin Ôtomo - Seven Samurai Shin Ôtomo
as Bandit Second-in-Command
Toshio Takahara - Seven Samurai Toshio Takahara
as Samurai with Gun
Hiroshi Sugi - Seven Samurai Hiroshi Sugi
as Tea Shop Owner
Hiroshi Hayashi - Seven Samurai Hiroshi Hayashi
as Weak Ronin
Sachio Sakai - Seven Samurai Sachio Sakai
as Coolie #2
Sôkichi Maki - Seven Samurai Sôkichi Maki
as Strong-Looking Samurai
Ichirô Chiba - Seven Samurai Ichirô Chiba
as Buddhist Priest
Noriko Sengoku - Seven Samurai Noriko Sengoku
as Wife of Gono Family
Noriko Honma - Seven Samurai Noriko Honma
as Woman Farmer
Masanobu Ôkubo - Seven Samurai Masanobu Ôkubo
as Samurai
Etsuo Saijo - Seven Samurai Etsuo Saijo
as Bandit
Minoru Itô - Seven Samurai Minoru Itô
as Samurai
Haruya Sakamoto - Seven Samurai Haruya Sakamoto
as Samurai
Gorô Sakurai - Seven Samurai Gorô Sakurai
as Samurai
Hideo Shibuya - Seven Samurai Hideo Shibuya
as Bandit
Kiyoshi Kamoda - Seven Samurai Kiyoshi Kamoda
as Samurai
Senkichi Ômura - Seven Samurai Senkichi Ômura
as Bandit Who Escapes
Takashi Narita - Seven Samurai Takashi Narita
as Bandit Who Escapes
Shôichi Hirose - Seven Samurai Shôichi Hirose
as Bandit
Kôji Uno - Seven Samurai Kôji Uno
as Bandit
Masaaki Tachibana - Seven Samurai Masaaki Tachibana
as Bandit
Kamayuki Tsubono - Seven Samurai Kamayuki Tsubono
as Bandit
Taiji Naka - Seven Samurai Taiji Naka
as Bandit
Chindanji Miyagawa - Seven Samurai Chindanji Miyagawa
as Bandit
Shigemi Sunagawa - Seven Samurai Shigemi Sunagawa
as Bandit
Akira Tani - Seven Samurai Akira Tani
as Bandit
Akio Kusama - Seven Samurai Akio Kusama
as Bandit
Ryûtarô Amami - Seven Samurai Ryûtarô Amami
as Bandit
Jun Mikami - Seven Samurai Jun Mikami
as Bandit
Haruo Nakajima - Seven Samurai Haruo Nakajima
as Bandit
Sanpei Mine - Seven Samurai Sanpei Mine
as Farmer
Masahide Matsushita - Seven Samurai Masahide Matsushita
as Samurai
Kaneo Ikeda - Seven Samurai Kaneo Ikeda
as Samurai
Takuzô Kumagaya - Seven Samurai Takuzô Kumagaya
as Gisaku's Son
Ippei Kawagoe - Seven Samurai Ippei Kawagoe
as Farmer
Jirô Suzukawa - Seven Samurai Jirô Suzukawa
as Farmer
Junpei Natsuki - Seven Samurai Junpei Natsuki
as Farmer
Kyôichi Kamiyama - Seven Samurai Kyôichi Kamiyama
as Farmer
Haruo Suzuki - Seven Samurai Haruo Suzuki
as Farmer
Gorô Amano - Seven Samurai Gorô Amano
as Farmer
Akira Kitchôji - Seven Samurai Akira Kitchôji
as Farmer
Kôji Iwamoto - Seven Samurai Kôji Iwamoto
as Farmer
Hiroshi Akitsu - Seven Samurai Hiroshi Akitsu
as Husband of Gono Family
Akira Yamada - Seven Samurai Akira Yamada
as Farmer
Kazuo Imai - Seven Samurai Kazuo Imai
as Farmer
Eisuke Nakanishi - Seven Samurai Eisuke Nakanishi
as Farmer
Toku Ihara - Seven Samurai Toku Ihara
as Farmer
Hideo Ôtsuka - Seven Samurai Hideo Ôtsuka
as Farmer
Shû Ôe - Seven Samurai Shû Ôe
as Farmer
Yasuhisa Tsutsumi - Seven Samurai Yasuhisa Tsutsumi
as Farmer in Front of Gono
Yasumasa Ônishi - Seven Samurai Yasumasa Ônishi
as Farmer
Tsuneo Katagiri - Seven Samurai Tsuneo Katagiri
as Farmer in Front of Gono
Megeru Shimoda - Seven Samurai Megeru Shimoda
as Farmer
Masayoshi Kawabe - Seven Samurai Masayoshi Kawabe
as Farmer
Shigeo Katô - Seven Samurai Shigeo Katô
as Farmer
Yoshikazu Kawamata - Seven Samurai Yoshikazu Kawamata
as Farmer
Takeshi Seki - Seven Samurai Takeshi Seki
as Coolie #3
Haruko Toyama - Seven Samurai Haruko Toyama
as Gisaku's Daughter-in-Law
Tsuruko Mano - Seven Samurai Tsuruko Mano
as Woman Farmer in front of Gono
Matsue Ono - Seven Samurai Matsue Ono
as Woman Farmer
Tsurue Ichimanji - Seven Samurai Tsurue Ichimanji
as Woman Farmer
Masako Ôshiro - Seven Samurai Masako Ôshiro
as Woman Farmer
Kyôko Ozawa - Seven Samurai Kyôko Ozawa
as Woman Farmer
Michiko Kadono - Seven Samurai Michiko Kadono
as Farmer's Wife
Toshiko Nakano - Seven Samurai Toshiko Nakano
as Farmer's Wife
Shizuko Azuma - Seven Samurai Shizuko Azuma
as Farmer's Wife
Michiko Kawabe - Seven Samurai Michiko Kawabe
as Farmer's Wife
Yûko Togawa - Seven Samurai Yûko Togawa
as Farmer's Wife
Yayoko Kitano - Seven Samurai Yayoko Kitano
as Farmer's Wife
Misao Suyama - Seven Samurai Misao Suyama
as Woman Farmer
Toriko Takahara - Seven Samurai Toriko Takahara
as Woman Farmer
Takeshi Katô - Seven Samurai Takeshi Katô
as Samurai Wandering through Town
Tatsuya Nakadai - Seven Samurai Tatsuya Nakadai
as Samurai Wandering through Town
Ken Utsui - Seven Samurai Ken Utsui
as Samurai Wandering through Town
Ren Yamamoto - Seven Samurai Ren Yamamoto
as Farmer
Kyoko Mori - Seven Samurai Kyoko Mori
as Farmer's Wife


Directing Akira Kurosawa Director
Writing Shinobu Hashimoto Screenplay
Writing Hideo Oguni Screenplay
Writing Akira Kurosawa Screenplay
Production Sôjirô Motoki Producer
Sound Fumio Hayasaka Original Music Composer
Camera Asakazu Nakai Director of Photography
Editing Akira Kurosawa Editor
Art Takashi Matsuyama Production Design
Directing Sakae Hirosawa Assistant Director
Directing Hiromichi Horikawa Assistant Director
Directing Yasuyoshi Tajitsu Assistant Director
Art Yoshirô Muraki Assistant Art Director
Crew Fumio Yanoguchi Sound Recordist
Lighting Shigeru Mori Lighting Technician
Camera Takao Saitô First Assistant Camera
Crew Takeharu Shimada Production Office Assistant
Directing Teruyo Nogami Script Supervisor
Sound Masaru Satô Music
Production Hiroshi Nezu Production Supervisor
Sound Ichirô Minawa Sound Effects Editor
Lighting Mitsuo Kaneko Lighting Technician
Art Kôichi Hamamura Set Decoration
Art Sô Matsuyama Art Direction
Costume & Make-Up Kôhei Ezaki Costume Design
Costume & Make-Up Mieko Yamaguchi Costume Design
Costume & Make-Up Midori Nakajô Hairstylist
Costume & Make-Up Junjirô Yamada Makeup Artist
Directing Toshi Kaneko Assistant Director
Directing Masaya Shimizu Assistant Director
Art Kôichi Hamamura Property Master
Sound Masanao Uehara Sound Assistant
Crew Haruo Nakajima Stunts
Camera Masao Fukuda Still Photographer
Editing Hiroshi Nezu Editorial Manager
Production Yûji Hamada Accountant
Production Teruyo Nogami Production Assistant